Turning the autumn leaf


While we often view spring as the time for renewal, autumn can also be beneficial to our psyches. Think of it as a time for reflection, for understanding the past year and how you have grown. Think of it as a time for planning, for considering the year ahead and what you will learn. However you think of this moment, do so with light in your heart. Autumn is fleeting, but when loved, it can help us carry our summer suns through our winter moons.

Photo: Manon Ringuette


Is a Boot Camp Class for Me?

boot-camp-The standard boot camp class has been sprinting around the fitness scene for a while. If you’re like me, though, you might have slipped through the trend cracks on this one.

Maybe you have your reasons. Maybe your reasons involve your personality, your disdain for – ugh - classes, or your lack of desire to spend money on a good ol’ turn-red-and-vomit session. Mine did.

But when I finally bit the boot camp bullet this summer (I was able to get a few free classes) I learned that I was wrong about something. It wasn’t boot camp. Boot camp was exactly what I expected.

It was definitely me.

Here’s what I learned.

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International Food Nights: Turmeric, Lycopene and More!

international foodHow do you spice up your dinner routine?

We’re fans of healthy meals, but sometimes eating healthy gets a little boring. If you, like us, are looking for a way to spice up your meals, we highly suggest adopting an international theme for at least one night of the week.

Whether you opt for Indian, Italian, Mexican , Thai, Vietnamese, or any other ethnic palate,  international cuisine can be exquisitely healthy, given the right ingredients.

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4 Favorite Quinoa Recipes for Fall

quinoa saladQuinoa is no longer the latest healthy recipe fad. (That distinction goes to locally-sourced ingredients.) But that doesn’t mean it’s not still at the top of our list for high protein meal options. As we head into autumn and switch up our pallets, we’re excited for quinoa dishes that ooze warmth, comfort, and of course, wholesome nutrition.

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The Synergy of Perna and DMG

By Ashley Watson

131758677You may have seen the term, “synergistic” in our product descriptions, as an explanation of how the ingredients work together to provide the end result.

The basic definition of synergy is “the interaction of multiple elements in a system to produce an effect different from or greater than the sum of their individual effects.”

While this explains what synergy means at the basic level, it doesn’t specifically explain how our ingredients work together in our supplements.


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